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Bruce Beach

Greetings, my name is Bruce Beach and I am adding this page so that anyone desiring to do so may get to know me more personally. I am the coordinator, founder and initial vision holder of the World Language Process and of Ark Two. I am a former professor of computer science and have been a student of the world language problem for over forty years.

Our house

I now live in a little village of 200 people, called Horning's Mills, that is about 90 miles northwest of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My wife was born in this village (and her mother also, in the 1800s). We have many relations that live in the village and I have a son and daughter and grandchildren nearby.

Horning's Mills around 1920

I was born in Winfield, Kansas and raised mostly in Wellington, Kansas where a number of my offspring (children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren) still live. I moved to Canada in 1970 to teach in the Northern College System (in Sault Ste. Marie, Kirkland Lake and Kapuskasing) after having previously taught in black colleges in the U.S. (Morgan State in Baltimore, Maryland and Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas).

Years ago I spent a year in the Arctic as a control tower operator, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. I have made a couple of trips to China and have travelled somewhat extensively in South America and more recently to Europe. I have a total of over 20 descendants (children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren), several of which live in Taiwan and the rest in the U.S. and Canada. Below is a picture of myself with some of my grandchildren.


At one time I owned a very large research ship called Canada's Tomorrow and one third of the company that built the robotic arm that recovered the space shuttle Challenger. One of the company's robotic arms is in the Smithsonian. I have also written a number of books in the computer sciences, the latest being on the programming language 'C'.

ship bow

ship side

My strongest interests, outside of the World Language Process, lie in the areas of religion, astronomy and the social sciences. I have no musical or sports talents but was once upon a time an exceptional speed reader, reading as many as five books a day. Now I read only about that many a month. I used to play a little chess and hold patents on a chess teaching machine that was manufactured some years ago and sold in several countries.

Others think me somewhat notorious as a survivalist but I consider myself as being a Reconstructionist. I have, however, built two dozen shelters for myself and others, and I have consulted on many dozens more.


I am an optimist about the long term future of mankind but a pessimist about the immediate future. As I have said, I am greatly interested in religion, being a class taught student of Christian Science and a persistent student of the writings of Emannuel Swedenborg for almost fifty years. At one time I termed myself a Zen Buddhist and have read many translations of both the Bhagavad Gita and the Koran. I have also thoroughly studied the Mormon religion (I did some practice teaching at BYU) and the Jehovah's Witness religion. I truly appreciate them all. I met my wife at the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette, Illinois which is just outside Chicago. She was guiding at the front door and has been guiding me ever since. Together we have over a century of service to the Baha'i Faith.


temple door

My favorite books of all time, aside from religious books, have been "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", "The Flatland", "Godel, Escher and Bach", "Varieties of Religious Experience", and many works by J.S. Mills. I have also in the past read gobs in psychology and economics (having a master's degree in the latter). There are times in my life when I have been a science fiction and movie hound but my greatest pleasure now is my children and grandchildren.

This should be about enough to bore you about any one person. I lead a very active life working fourteen to sixteen hours a day. A stroke some years ago blinded me in one eye but I have since reprogrammed myself to type on a Dvorak keyboard. I have loving children who look after me and a wife that everyone, including myself, says is a saint. I am truly a happy and joyful person, a claim that I wish that more people could make in this technologically illustrious and spiritually dark age.

I can be reached personally at:

[email protected]

My hope, of course, is that we can find a mutual interest in furthering the

World Language Process,

which you can click on and link to if you have come to this page by a different path.

Peace and love,

Bruce M. Beach

The old man himself!