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Bruce Beach
'The DawnSayer'
Founder of Ark Two and SAFE
"Dawning of the light of unity amongst men."
What this website is trying to do for you!

We believe the world as we know it now, is rapidly coming to an end, and is about to go through a Great Catastrophe.

Ark Two and S.A.F.E. have been around for decades with their message. The very wealthy in America have been able to afford large survival complexes - and the government has provided and equipped large facilites for its continuation. BUT while other governments in the world have made preparatiion for the survival of their citizens - the US Government dismounted, discontinued, scrapped its Civil Defense Program decades ago.

Our purpose is to help you survive the coming Great Catastrophe and to help reconstruct a better world that will establish peace among humankind and allow every person to realize the purpose for which they have been created.

Our services have always been and remain today - TOTALLY Free.

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