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Safe America For Everyone
In Memory of
9/11 2001

Participate in SAFE (Safe America For Everyone)
America's Largest Survival Community
No Joining Fees - No Dues
You are simply asked to educate others.

The only way to make America safe - is to make it safe for everyone. In fact America must set the example of how to make the world safe - because unless the world is safe for everyone - it can't be safe for America.

You are about to learn how to make your community secure and prosperous again after a WORLD CATACLYSMIC EVENT. The effort will need to begin with you. Be prepared to become a Community Reconstruction TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) Leader in your community by reading Society AFTER Doomsday. Join with thousands who are now preparing.

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What is the SAFE mission?

The present Ark Two SAFE mission is to provide, through its United States TEAM Leaders, and others world-wide, a resource for Community Reconstruction after an anticipated GREAT World-Enveloping Catastrophe such as a nuclear holocaust.

To accomplish this goal we sought government funding to distribute through the SAFE TEAM, Preparedness CDs and Printed material to 100,000 public libraries, community service organizations, and disaster response organizations. While the sought for government funding was not forthcoming, Ark Two and its founder in the last half century has managed with the assistance of many volunteers to distribute free over 100,000 printed copies of "11 Steps to Survival"; 10,000 printed copies of "You Will Survive Doomsday"; thousands of mailing pieces about Ark Two; and in 2005, 23,000 copies of its broadsheet newspaper "Economic Reconstruction After Nuclear War".

The print publications were supplemented with the distribution of thousands of free CDs and untold thousands or even hundreds of thousands of e-book copies of a large spectrum of survival materials that were downloaded from its website, which at the time of the 9/11 crises received over 85 thousand hits in a three hour period, eventually crashing the system. These efforts combined with TV, Radio and print media presentations have been read and heard by multi-tens of millions of people (who have not acted) but you can now connect with thousands that are concerned and preparing.

The mission and structure of SAFE and Ark Two continues to evolve and expand. The intended future primary tasks will be those of helping members of dislocated familes to find one another, and helping communities in the establishment of LERN networks with Ark Two acting as an archival resource and contact point for recovery and reconstruction information after the anticipated GREAT Catastrophe. At the moment we are striving to organize SAFE Communities in every state of the US in preparation for that day by distributing as widely as possible the information in Society AFTER Doomsday.