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The free CD
included with the five book special

There is included with the FIVE book special for TEAM Leaders a free CD, so that you will be able to reproduce Society AFTER Doomsday and the Reconstruction Paper, should you be able to activate a computer and printing equipment after the Catastrophe.

At first I thought to send out a CD with every book, but then I realized that didn't make sense for the following reasons:

      1. If someone is keen enough about the subject and program that they want the CD then they are probably keen enough to get five books so that they can put at least one in their local library and have some to lend to friends.

      2. If they want to check out the book first before ordering five, then they will end up paying $130 for six books and the free CD instead of $100 for five books and the free CD, if in their good intentions they ever get around to it.

      3. If I included a free CD with every book - then people who ordered five books would get 5 five CDs. Those additional CDs are not of any real use to them because:

        a. If they gave it to the library, it would probably just get lost or someone would lose it when they borrowed the book.

        b. If they loaned a book to a friend, then pretty much the same thing, because it doesn't make a convenient book mark.

        c. If they are handing/loaning out the book 'afterwards', the CD is not likely to be of general use because of a general lack of electricity.

        d. One CD at a local central location is sufficient for a post-holocaust situation while on the other hand, many books are needed.

      4. Except for the book, Society AFTER Doomsday, the material on the CD is available for free downloading from our website. Not that most people are going to do all that downloading - because it would take hours. The value of the CD is certainly the value of a book (the CD does afterall have the book on it), but perhaps even several times more valuable because there is so much useful post-holocaust information that is not going be otherwise readily available afterwards. I would say the CD is certainly worth $30 in itself and I could offer to sell it separately as an add-on to book buyers. Even with separate order processing, mailing, postage and reproduction - that would be more profitable than selling the book, but my goal isn't profit and I just don't think it likely that someone will order a book for $30 and then a CD for $30 for a total of $60 when they can have FIVE books and the CD for $100.

      5. My main goal is to create nucleii for LERN locations by getting five books into as many locales as possible, so that people will put at least one book in one local public library and have loaners for friends. Using the CD as an incentive for that purpose makes much more sense than sending them out more helter skelter where they will just be lost and therefore wasted. I welcome any better ideas on this approach.

Contents of the CD

The CD is designed to help you with RECONSTRUCTION of your community - which you can think of as a three step process:

      Step 1. The 'paper' "Reconstruction AFTER Nuclear War" can be used to promote the idea that society can be reconstructed. It is meant to be mass distributed after the catastrophe. The printing master for the paper is available both on the CD and for free download.

      Step 2. The book, Society AFTER Doomsday, gives you step by step directions for the process that you need to go through to establish LERNs for the reconstruction of society. You are much better prepared if you have read and understood this information ahead of time and you are many times better off if you are in contact with others around you who also already understand the information. It will seem inconsistent that I have said that I don't want to distribute "Society AFTER Doomsday" as an E-book when in point of fact - the CD contains the book in PRINTING format. So, yes, you do in fact get an E-copy of the book but we do not not sell "Society AFTER Doomsday" as an E-book and do not want it distributed as an E-book before the catastrophe. I have made the analogy that it would be like selling someone an empty fire extinguisher. Having an empty extinguisher is worse than having none at all, because it gives one a confidence in having it - but then when they need it, they can't use it, and that would be the same for the book if it was locked up on a non-operating computer.

      For the POST-Holocaust situation the book is Copyleft. Until then it is copyrighted so that we can continue to distribute it and pay for the distribution. Even before the holocaust you are welcome to print and distribute 'The Paper'.

      Step 3. On the CD you also have OVER 3,700 files of other information that may prove very important to have after the catastrophe. Unless you have the CD, it is very unlikely that you will have otherwise gathered all this information together.

      While there is an IMMENSE amount of information on this CD, in fact – thousands of books, still, it is very selective information. Key parts of it, for all practical purposes, are unavailable except through Ark Two. None of this information is ‘secretive’. We also make it available on our web site for free download - so far from this being a sales pitch to try to get you to buy something, we are trying to get it out to everyone as freely as we can, and we want you to share it also. At the web site you and others can pick and choose what you want to download but there is far too much to try to download – especially when it is readily available on the CD.

      The following is a broad outline of what is on the CD - so that you can see why it is important. Let me emphasize again – that it is important that the CD be widely dispersed and disseminated so that the information will be available where people can make use of it.

      The CD is divided into the following sections or folders:

    A SAFE Solution (3%)(22meg)

      There are over 200 files in this folder
      that create the structure for SAFE in each state.
      By having this here I hope to preserve that structure –
      so that every state and location will have it available to implement –
      and thus be able to structure themselves to link and interact with neighboring states - and Ark Two, should Ark Two survive.

    Community Reconstruction (5%)(40meg)

      There are over 250 files in this folder
      on such subjects as:


          The handling of mass burials and mass body disposal is a rather specialized subject.


          Refugees and refugee camps may be a major concern in a post-catastrophy situation.

          There is a lot more – including the 94 page Red Cross Mass Feeding Handbook.


          Libraries on medicine are mammoth and at Ark Two we have many CDs filled with books on this subject. Here, however, you will find information that you are not likely to find elsewhere.

          There is for example - the 210 page manual about how to take unrelated equipment such as from a dairy processing plant and to create an antibiotic manufacturing facility. This was prepared for:

        FEMA 1988
        by the
        Oak Ridge, Tennessee
        operated by
        for the

          The Executive Summary says that the Objective is:

            “to determine the most efficient methods for meeting the antibiotic needs of the population for the period beginning 30 days after a nuclear disaster.

          because: (as they said)

            ……..A catastrophic disaster could destroy production capabilities for antibiotics and create, at the same time, conditions under which epidemic diseases and large number of injuries occur.

            -----We also propose modification of antibiotic production equipment, material, and processes that would allow expedient production of broad-spectrum antibiotics under the austere conditions following a nuclear attack.

          [Our Ark Two biochemist says that serious consideration must be made between the trade-offs of making antibiotics and using the energy for the creation of food stocks.]

            [There is currently in medical news reports about avoiding the use of antibiotics to reduce the threat of ‘super-bugs’. Those committed to current medical practices will be strongly resistant to this latter approach but I include two current reports on that subject.]

        There are also the formulas and complete descriptions of how to make over 2,000 medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and prescribed by doctors today. This even includes how to make insulin.

        There is information in the CD not only about traditional medicine but also a 477 page manual on Herbal Medicine plus 36 Files containing an alphabetic listing of hundreds of herbs and their uses.

        There are also the traditional survivalist books about medicine:

        The latest revised versions of the classics:

        505 page Where There Is No Doctor (along with an additional Spanish version)
        240 page Where There Is No Dentist
        544 page Book for Midwives

          This latter I consider especially important because childbirth was a major killer before modern medicine.

        I also have a special category that I call SEVERE MEDICINE – that contains books of 228, 720, 405, pages plus a half dozen other smaller ones. I won’t try to describe here the circumstances under which I think these will be applicable, nor their nature.

        In addition to the above, because of the severe threat and probability of a PANDEMIC being associated with a word-wide catastrophe I have included what I consider are the essential:

        159 page Pandemic Reference Guide
        209 page Infection Control manual published by the World Health Organization

          The latter can be viewed as an extension to the former and is highly recommended by the publishers of the above guide.

          52 page Infection Control for Shelters

      Radiation Effects

        While I realize that many people do not share my concern about nuclear war, and its effects, and feel that a world-catastrophe may arise from other causes, nevertheless, because of my background as a Radiological Scientific Officer, I am including what I consider to be essential information in this regards.

        There is no information regarding fallout per se – because that is a ‘preparation’ and ‘immediate recovery’ thing whereas the CD is concerned with long term effects and the reconstruction of society.

        There are here:

        The 168 page External Radiation Manual
        The 66 page Internal Radiation Manual (which I include for completeness -
        and so that people will know that I am aware of it)
        and my own refutation of the Internal Radiation Manual.

        Most importantly I include the 133 page manual for
        Measuring Radionuclides in Food.

        I consider this latter manual of such significance for the decades to come, and its total unavailability elsewhere, that in my estimation it alone justifies the circulation of this CD.

        I also include my concerns and solutions about UV.

Community Recovery (80%)(560meg)

    There are over 2,000 files in this folder
    on such subjects as.


        Agriculture is one of the first and foremost subjects in order of importance. The requirements, however, are very local in nature. It depends upon the soil, climate, and many other conditions such as availability of water. This is something that you are going to have to find, protect and nurture local talent for. There are some agricultural items on the CD that are very universal in nature.

          150 page book on handy farm devices.
          136 page book on raising goats because I see this as a fast path to milk for children.
          a booklet on fence planning.
          basic seed saving .
          small farm operation.
          small oilseed production
          use of worms to make fertilizer.
          organic mulching.
          and most exclusive of all - the use of specific microbes to remove radiation from the soil.
          This latter is very specialized information that I have gathered from the top experts on the subject – and which you are not going to find elsewhere.


        This is of course a very important subject and once again I put in information that I think you are not that likely to have from elsewhere. Such as:

          a. egg substitutes and
          b. how to preserve eggs
          c. how to make jerky and jellies
          d. how to do pickling
          e. and loads of information about how to do food drying

        Freezing and canning and packaging as you know it now may not be readily available so there are presented here other ways to preserve vegetables.

        There is a 176 page manual on Food Sanitation and another 591 page manual that is considered almost a ‘bible’ on Food Processing Technology.


        Solar, wind, hydro, biofuels, algae, and dozens of others - are discussed here.


        This is a file with 75 megabytes of information. However, I can think of many more things that I might have added, had there been room. Still, there is lots of general information such as the Machinery Handbook spread over 46 files and another large section on how to build your own CNC machine along with another dozen basic machine manuals such as the 309 page Fundamentals of Machine Tools. It is not that I have given you so much – but that I hope that I have made the right choices regarding the importance of what I have given you.


        There are in this file some basic information and tools of science.


        There is little included under this category except one special item that people will need to pay particular attention to.


        Not what you might expect in this category – but as an example- two oddball documents that may be apropos to the situation.

        One is 186 pages on Bridge Inspection, Maintenance and Repair. There may be many miles of undamaged roads but the bridges are going to need be inspected.

        The same applies to maintenance of railway tracks.


        For health reasons this is a subject that will be important to communities.


        Many people will tell you that this even more important than food. A couple of different perspectives are presented here.

Renewal of Religion (4% including 25meg Ocean)

    The OCEAN files are something that I include on each CD. This is a search system that that allows you to find words in the complete primary Scriptures of all the major religions, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and so forth as well as some subsets of them such as the complete Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenant. It is my view that the present problems have arisen from humanity turning away from God and that there must be a renewal of religion. This is not to press a particular religion, but rather understanding and appreciation of all of them.


All that I have listed above is but a small fraction of what you will find on the CD. 1% (8meg) of it is about Ark Two, 3% (20meg) of it is concerned with survival and 2% (19meg) of it is the publications masters. I think the key is not that there is so much information - but rather that when the time comes that you need it - you will find it organized in a useful way.