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Book Description

The book is divided into two sections.

Here - Section A on
Local Reconstruction

And later - Section B on Global Reconstruction

Section A is divided into Six Parts
made up of 45 Chapters
explaining how to rebuild your local community
so that you can survive locally.

In these separate parts of the book there are many chapters dealing with specific areas of recovery and reconstruction.

The changes that the Great Catastrophe will bring will affect society in ways that are presently unimaginable to most people. It will be very beneficial to examine ahead of time some of the kinds of responses that will be needed.

Here - Section B is about
Global Reconstruction

tells you how to deal with the New World Order

There is a table or drawing
associated with
each part heading
and with each chapter
to summarize the concepts
and to make the book
as useful as possible

The ideas summarized in the boxes and tables will often be new to many people. Having the boxed summaries will make it easier to remember the essential points.

There are so many changes that are about to happen in the world that it can almost be guaranteed that any reader is going to have totally different ideas about the future - after reading this book.

Just the ideas about how one will need to relate to the New World Order, are in themselves very little discussed anywhere else.

Here is what the book is about!

The government has prepared for the government to survive.

Who has prepared for you?

Each Part has a heading describing that part.

From Chapter One

A few sample paragraphs.

A few sample paragraphs from Chapter Three

These, along with the Table of Contents, will hopefully give you a 'feel' for the book - and a idea of what it is about.