G EMP Protection

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is a major concern in connection with nuclear war. In many models it is felt that its effects will be practically universal in that a few high level detonations above the US would cover the entire US with EMP. EMP is a very fast pulse that destroys electronic equipment that has not been shielded from it.

One form of shielding is called a Faraday cage which provides shielding around the electronic device. The cage is a metal enclosure and the device has to be inside the cage insulated from walls of the cage. The cage itself needs to be grounded - otherwise, when opening the cage later one will ground the charge from the cage to the electronic device and destroy the device.

The SAFE transceiver comes shipped in a Faraday cage. The cage is simply a metal bucket with insulation between its walls and the transceiver. A wire should be run from tho bucket to a ground - such as a cold water pipe in a house or a copper stake driven into the ground.

One can build other types of Faraday cages, obtain larger metal containers, to shield their computer. The difficulty would be knowing when to put the computer into the cage, unless one maintains a spare computer for that purpose. The possibility is very great that one's computer is going to be destroyed by EMP. But, it is not likely that ALL computers will be destroyed - so that even in an emergency situation one will probably be able to find a computer that has not been destroyed. There are a lot of computers out there. Some in their original shipping in stores and metal framed warehouses.

It is not so likely that one could find a replacement radio and that is why the radio and the software should be kept in its Faraday cage if it is not being actively used each day for practice. The radio should probably not be brought out and hooked up until thirty days after hostilities have ceased, in order to assure that it is not going to be destroyed.